Firefighter Dates In Time

Firefighter Dates and Time are inseparable yet separate as can be. Every firefighting experience is all about time. No two calls are ever the same. Ever. Could be a fire alarm in the same senior citizen residential community, almost the same time of night and yet, still never the same. Especially when after 5 nuisance calls in a week or so the 6th one is a working structure fire in the same building, the same time of early morning. I remember the Chief calling to Central to make sure they double re-toned all fire depts involved to alert them that this was a confirmed working structure fire so no one became complacent after the first 5 false alarms.

Firefighters On Scene At A Working Structure Fire

Three apartments totally burned out, water and smoke damage to the rest, 166 unhappy senior citizens many at least partially handicapped, evacuated to the medical building and no firefighters injured means no one got complacent. Everyone did their job. The fire incidentally was started by a senior citizen who wasn't supposed to be smoking, dumping the ash tray into the garbage while it was apparently still smoldering when someone knocked on her door. It smoldered there a couple of hours before the alarm came over.

 Firefighter Roof Ops During Structure Fire

The time and perspective was different and always is, for everyone on the scene. Senior residents remember they have to go find somewhere else to live for a while. Some remembered firefighters being mean to them and dragging them out of their apartments. Firefighters remember the residents resisting leaving even as the apartment two doors down was on fire. My LT on scene recalled with a sense of humor later, the woman he encouraged strongly to move out with him was screaming she wasn't leaving her fur coat as she stuffed the cash that was under her mattress into the pockets. I remembered seeing her on the scene later wearing that coat and not letting the EMT's check her out or touch her. Most of the residents were worried, confused and extremely grateful for the help and I was so very proud of every firefighter and EMT that not only put out the fire, evacuated them to safety, stayed an additional shift to help them get their property out of damaged apartments with respect and humor.

 Firefighters On Scene At A Working Structure Fire

I also remember the next day the Chief and I took a ride to that community and started putting real pre-plans in place, started training sessions with their security office, their administrators and also even their residents. We also made the Executive Administrators have the alarm company out to upgrade the system in an effort to cut down on the overwhelming amount of false alarms. It all helped and today I hope pre-plans are the norm in communities now.

Firefighters always making time count.

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Never Forget Sept 11 2001

Never Forget Sept 11 2001

For All Who Were Lost 9/11/01. For All those who lost so much and lives that were shattered. For All Those heroes who searched and cried and survived. Never Forget.

The 2,977 victims included 246 on the four planes (from which there were no survivors), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.

 Never Forget 9/11/01

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Being a firefighter is not just a job title........

 Firefighter Pride

Why would anyone want to run into a burning building or anywhere else that everyone is running out of?

Firefighter gifts to those they serve, and those they serve with is their presence. Being there - trained, ready, willing and able to help. It is a personalized firefighter experience every day. Even though every alarm you answer is different, at the core they are the same. You are giving some part of yourself to your fellow firefighters and to people, often strangers, who need you. You are fulfilling the oath you took to protect and serve. Most of our calls are "false alarms" "smells and bells", not the big one with powerful flames and fire, smoke and danger. Yet, we spend hundreds of manpower hours training for the big ones. Search and rescue, pump operations, water supply, building construction, more search and that when it is the big one we can carry our share, support our firefighter team, serve our fire chief and community the way they deserve. So the truth is.....I really can't answer the question with words, only with actions.

It is a spirit of helping, of teamwork, pride and courage. Of training together, working together, relying on each other. We wear it on our firefighter shirts and sweat shirts. Display our pride on our hats, jackets and vehicles. We wear our fire station ID everywhere and anywhere because when you are really a firefighter, it's not just what you do, it's what you are.

No matter where you travel, or how far you go, you are bound to see a navy T-shirt with a white maltese bearing the pride of belonging to a fire department. Those who wear it should only be true firefighters, those that offer their fellow firefighters teamwork, dedication, loyalty and are there to back them up no matter how tough it gets.

If you are going to wear it, wear it with pride

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Firefighter Health and Survival is a topic that is in focus, both for firefighters and fire chiefs today.  Firefighters surviving the fire ground challenges and always changing environment that may place a fire fighter in imminent danger at any moment has become part of the critical training, education and SOG's of every fire dept that cares about their firemen, female firefighters and their communities.

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Firefighters eat, drink and live their training and survival skills every day realizing that every fire scene is unpredictable and understanding that learning to avoid bad situations when possible, knowing how to use the Mayday, training and practicing self-survival firefighter techniques and always working as a team can mean the difference between life and death.

Firefighter Team print 

Firefighter team work, communications, buddy systems, two in two out should always be part of firefighting SOG's whether you are part of a huge fire dept like the FDNY, a suburban fire department or a rural volunteer firefighter.  All firefighters should learn their self survival techniques because no matter how good you are, fires don't always go according to plan.

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Some of the greatest firefighter gifts are the acts of bravery, brotherhood and the courage to keep training and practicing what they learn to protect themselves, their fellow firefighters and keep their communities safe from the flames and the unexpected hazards.

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Don't wait for Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week to get prepared and stay prepared.  Check out some of these firefighter resources online.