Firefighting About Me

Firefighting: About Me

Firefighter and Captain Of The Fire Dept for almost 20 years, EMS for almost 10 years prior to that. Chosen Firefighter Of The Year 7 times during my career, honored by Mayor and Council in the Township I serve, Training and Fire Instructor, Firefighter II and trained to the highest level of Incident Command, until they come up with another level.  Damn good pump operator and aerial chauffeur not to mention an aggressive interior firefighter - believing in the job. Believing in the oath and always carrying more than my share with pride.

 Firefighting About Me

I have always loved the graphic arts, electronics and technology. I started my business named  Bonfire Designs when I realized a favor I had done for a police chief friend was actually in demand. Personalized gifts that really spelled out the pride of Police, Fire and EMS. Wives who were Teachers and Nurses, Family and Friends all wanted to know how they could get shirts, clocks, mugs and bags that showed off their pride too.

I realized if I could make the business work, I could respond to more fire calls - daytime coverage has been tough for many years in many places. I could keep attending courses and training new recruits, working off hours, middle of the night and anytime I could. I resigned from my fairly lucrative job to give it a go. Technology and social media keeps me on my toes more than the actual designs, but I believe in what I do and I'm proud of the business formed for all the right reasons from the heart.

When you buy from Bonfire Designs, you are supporting a firefighter brother, a firefighter family and a true insider of the crazy, demanding, inspiring Emergency Services World.