Firefighter Gifts: The Brotherhood Bond

Being a firefighter is not just a job title........

 Firefighter Pride

Why would anyone want to run into a burning building or anywhere else that everyone is running out of?

Firefighter gifts to those they serve, and those they serve with is their presence. Being there - trained, ready, willing and able to help. It is a personalized firefighter experience every day. Even though every alarm you answer is different, at the core they are the same. You are giving some part of yourself to your fellow firefighters and to people, often strangers, who need you. You are fulfilling the oath you took to protect and serve. Most of our calls are "false alarms" "smells and bells", not the big one with powerful flames and fire, smoke and danger. Yet, we spend hundreds of manpower hours training for the big ones. Search and rescue, pump operations, water supply, building construction, more search and that when it is the big one we can carry our share, support our firefighter team, serve our fire chief and community the way they deserve. So the truth is.....I really can't answer the question with words, only with actions.

It is a spirit of helping, of teamwork, pride and courage. Of training together, working together, relying on each other. We wear it on our firefighter shirts and sweat shirts. Display our pride on our hats, jackets and vehicles. We wear our fire station ID everywhere and anywhere because when you are really a firefighter, it's not just what you do, it's what you are.

No matter where you travel, or how far you go, you are bound to see a navy T-shirt with a white maltese bearing the pride of belonging to a fire department. Those who wear it should only be true firefighters, those that offer their fellow firefighters teamwork, dedication, loyalty and are there to back them up no matter how tough it gets.

If you are going to wear it, wear it with pride

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