Firefighter Buddy System

The Firefighter Buddy system is real.  From the day you join the fire department whether you are career or volunteer you are no longer on your own.  Once firemen and female firefighters of every size, shape, color or ethnic background don their bunker gear they are a buddy.  Firefighters don't respond to or extinguish a fire alone.  When you do an interior attack on a structure fire you never do it alone.  At least two firefighters go in with their handline charged and ready.  They stay low, they stay together.  One firefighter is on the nozzle but they both put out the fire.  One firefighter breaks out the windows but they both ventilated the smoke and supercharged life threatening environment.  If one firefighter is ready to go out, both firefighters go out.  Together.  Bonded. 

The firefighter bond is a gift you learn, you give and take, you live by.

Firefighter Team print Firefighter Team sticker

Firefighter t-shirts with fire dept maltese cross logos, station names and slogans are more than just identification and pride.  They stand for a brotherhood bond that goes beyond the borders of response districts, states and even countries. 

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