Firefighter Movies

Firefighter movies are filled with drama, action and the spirit of firefighting brotherhood. Everyone loves a real life hero and firefighters in movies are heroes in fire trucks we can look up to. In the movies and on TV firefighters are jumping over the flames, carrying people out of buildings against all odds and in some films the ending is sad, but our admiration of those who give all lives on.

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Action packed movies like Ladder 49 and Backdraft are classic fire and flames, life in the firehouse and filled with bigger than life heroes.  Kurt Russell and John Travolta fill your TV screen with daring rescues, walls of flames and make you part of every fire dept in spirit.  Volunteer and career firefighters all know the adventures in the movies are not quite the reality but watching it makes for some great movie night fun.

Or lighten it up a little with Adam Sandler and Kevin James as firefighters bonded through the job and friends forever.  This is some funny firefighters with hearts of gold.  And a happy ending.  Not all firefighter movies have to have sad endings.


Honor the 343 FDNY firefighters with 9/11 documentarys and memories caught on film forever.  Never forget those we lost and keep the memory of that day alive forever.


There are some great workout DVD's for firefighters and everyone who wants to challenge themselves to stay physically fit.  Work out with FDNY Captain Michael Stefani for 30 minutes a day on DVD in the comfort of your own home or buy a copy for your fire station.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this video go to Widows and Children's Fund of the Uniformed Firefighters Association


Firefighter DVD's are great gifts for firefighters for the holidays, birthdays and especially a great gift idea for graduation from the fire academy or retirement present for a fireman who's put his years in.