Firefighter Pride

How do you honor your firefighter pride?

Hopefully you honor it every day by training, by believing in the spirit of firefighters to do the right thing.  Is it about showing off your car plaque or by using your car to safely respond to as many fire calls as you can to back up your brothers and be there for your community.  Too often volunteer fire departments complain about how hard it is to get people to join.  It is growing harder and families are working longer hours to keep themselves going.  But sometimes volunteer fire departments forget that they are not just there for a great place to hang out.  Outsiders and new recruits often feel left out of the "group" if they aren't part of the in crowd.  Protect your fire dept from this stigma, stay professional.  Don't let ego get in the way of the oath to care and protect their community.  Welcome all who want to try to be a volunteer firefighter.  They may not be your friend, but they could end up saving your life.

Do you welcome all who join your department and try their hardest, or is it just about who your friends are? Are you a team who works together to live up to your oath to the community and other firefighters who need you. Team work starts at the fire station and only then will you stand tall together to face the flames.  Volunteer firefighters should never forget that although it is not their career, it is not just a fraternity either.  Believe in each other, all of the team should be made up of all the members and not just some people's egos or idea of a place to hang out.