Firefighter Earth

Firefighter Earth Day is every day. Firefighting is all about serving the world around us. Saving a life, mitigating a rescue or disaster and minimizing the effects of hazmat entering waterways, soil and even the air whenever possible.  Everyone can be like firefighters.  We know we can't save the whole world even though we want to, but we can do our best to do our part in keeping the world and earth below our feet a little healthier in small ways that add up to a big difference.

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Recycle your recyclables, use tote bags instead of plastic or paper bags. Plant a tree, pull some weeds, trash some litter even if it isn't yours. Re-usable coffee travel mugs instead of convenience shop cups are all little gestures that really add up. If every one does just a little, the teamwork just like in firefighting, will go a long way.