Firefighter Freedom July 4th

Firefighter Freedom on July 4th and every day is the freedom to be there for others. To answer the calls from alarms to flames. The freedom to handle the jobs because they know their training is good. Their firefighter brotherhood is tight. The ability to work independently and as a team depending on the situation shines as brightly as those 4th of July fireworks we are prepared to deal with if they go wrong.

The knowledge that firefighters are a definitely a special breed dedicated to others working in a world no words can really describe. Firefighter freedom means trusting your bunker gear. Knowing your engines are working, your command is experienced and prepared. When it all comes together because of dedicated, loyal firefighters, then you are free to do the job you have taken the oath to do.

There is no greater freedom than the weight of others depending on you, and you knowing that you are up to the challenge.

 Firefighter Time

Be prepared. Be trained. Be honorable and loyal. Be a firefighter by the true meaning and live up to all that your community and brother firefighters need you to be.

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