Firefighter Teamwork

Firefighter teamwork is the foundation and basic firefighting lesson you need to learn the minute you join any fire dept.

Firefighters learn it not only in words, but in actions required every fire training drill, every class at the fire academy and every specialized firefighting agenda throughout our career.  Teamwork is taught by example, by leaders, mentors and every single member of the fire department, nothing less should ever be accepted by fire chiefs, officers, senior firefighters or the newest probationary firefighter.  Two in, two out.  RIT teams. Partners. Crews on the fire truck, crews on the scene whether you are investigating an alarm or extinguishing a structure fire.  No firefighter should ever be a freelancer.  No firefighter should ever be left behind.  That's teamwork and that means every single man on the team must be responsible for their own team initiative and the guy next to him.  It's how we know we can face the challenges, because we trust our teamwork.

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Firefighter teamwork to be truly teamwork, must be reflected in everyone's attitude. Whether you are sweeping the station because you are proud of it, washing a fire engine, hooking up a hydrant or backing each other up on the hose line - attitude equals teamwork. Make yours proud and it will stand loyal for you every time.