Firefighter Time

Firefighter time is always a little different from everyone else's time.  Hours spent fighting fires seem like minutes, minutes spent waiting for the back up line seems like hours.  Firefighters spend time away from home, hundreds of hours training, learning, doing it again and again until it's muscle memory time.  Fire and flames can destroy lives and homes in minutes.  Searching for firefighting team members or victims in fires has no time.  It is beyond the moments of a life time.  Doing your job, giving it your all physically and mentally, is what this time is all about.

There is no other way to be a firefighter.  Your time and dedication may be career or volunteer.  You may be wearing your fire dept logo t-shirts, off time jeans and sweats or your firefighter bunker gear.  But if you really are a firefighter, you are a firefighter all of the time.

Firefighter Watch Personalized
Firefighter Time - Every One Of Us Makes It Personal

Firefighter Watch
Firefighter Watch - We Are Always Firefighters